PROTESTERS met face-to-face with energy bosses considering running pylons across the Somerset Levels and demanded that alternative options be considered.

As reported last week, pre-ssure groups are furious that National Grid believes 46-metre high pylons are the best way of transporting el-ectricity from the proposed Hinkley C power station up to Avonmouth.

The protesters say pylons would destroy the Levels, and last week they met with National Grid bosses at the Webbington Hotel in Loxton to discuss its consultation over the plans.

Gareth Woodward, from No Moor Pylons, told the Weekly News: “We are still not being consulted on oth-er options such as underground or undersea cables.

“The talks were useful but they reached an impasse.”

Protestors demanded to be presented with other me-thods of transferring electricity, arguing it was not a true consultation if they were only given the pylons option.

National Grid has prom-ised to hold more public consultation across Sedge-moor to explain why it did not opt for underground or undersea cables – after previously dismissing them as too costly.