A GLOBETROTTING Burnham adventurer has completed a 1,013-metre length in the world's longest swimming pool.

Michael Turner, aged 55, has just returned from Chile where he swam the entire length of the San Alfonso pool which is more than 0.6miles long.

Supply teacher and author Michael, of Rosewood Avenue, has featured in the Weekly News for his intrepid adventures in places such as Kenya, and for his passion for Sir Francis Drake.

In his latest quest he had to rent the pool, which features in the Guinness Book of Records, for £100 as it is not open to the general public.

Michael, a former lifeguard who swims 124kms every year in Burnham pool, said: “I had to walk 1.5miles around the pool to ascertain where I could enter and leave the water.

“You can tell from the lack of entry points that the designers only thought of swimmers performing laps across the varying width of the pool.

“I had to jump in at the south end and swim a little further than a length to exit at the canoe and dinghy slipway at the north end.

“The pool is so long that I had to find a willing security guard to stroll 2mph alongside me to carry my clothing, as I did not want to walk 1km under-clad against a 'chilly' bracing Antartic wind that only warmed the water to 18-degrees.

“The pool is of salt water and I was the only swimmer in the world's largest pool!”