SECRET World founder Pauline Kidner travelled to Downing Street yesterday to help present a 16,000-signature petition against badger culling plans.

The Badger Protection League's fight against the cull also featured Kerry Mcarthy, MP for East Bristol, and Charles Betts, MP for Sheffield, alongside Mrs Kidner, the founder of East Huntspill-based animal refuge. The Government is yet to decide whether to give the cull proposals, which aim to halt the spread of Bovine TB in cattle, the go ahead.

One of the many famous faces supporting the campaign is Anthony Head, Secret World patron.

He said: “For me, badgers represent everything that I love about the English countryside and I am saddened and appalled that the slaughter of thousands of badgers is planned for England and Wales from May 2011.

He added: "A more cost effective, and certainly more humane, way of managing this disease would be to trap and vaccinate badgers before releasing them back into the wild but instead they are to be culled."