PROTESTORS concerned about the clearing of plantlife near Hinkley Point by the site's operator EDF Energy have ended their protest after spending the night in a tree near the power plant.

Three men climbed the tree in the early hours of Tuesday morning and refused requests from EDF security staff to leave before eventually climbing down on Wednesday morning.

EDF spokesman Gordon Bell said: "Two protesters left the area at around 9.30am. The remaining individual departed around one hour later."

Theo Simon, from the South West Against Nuclear group, was in touch with the protestors who have scaled the tree.

Mr Simon said the protest was not just about trees but about the whole issue of nuclear power.

He said: "We want the Government to think again about its pro-nuclear stance."

It is understood the protestors were on private land to the west of the power station and have so far refused all requests to leave.

Mr Bell told the Mercury that all work to remove plantlife at the site so far was "not part of site preparation works" and was part of "normal land management".