CARING owners of a parrot missing from her Burnham home for four months received reports of two fresh sightings this week.

Ade and Pauline Hale have been searching for Ollie, their African Grey parrot, since she flew from their home in Cookson Close in January after being frightened by a digger when Pauline was putting out recycling.

The Weekly News previously reported the couple had launched their ‘Find Ollie Saturday Campaign’ and are offering a £1,000 reward.

Ade said: “The amount of support we’ve had from the community is amazing.

“There was a sighting on Monday at around 10.30am in Priory Gardens and another of a parrot in flight in Burton Row in Brent Knoll at 8.45am on Tuesday – about four miles apart.”

When the Weekly News went to press the couple were taking one of their other parrots around sighting areas to try to attract Ollie to her feathered friend.

Ade added: “We’re hoping she will recognise his loud squawk.

“If she sees us she will come to us but I’d urge anyone who sees her to call us and try to keep still because she gets scared off.

“The leaves are on the trees now, which may be why she hasn’t been seen for a few weeks.

“But hopefully the nice weather will bring her out.

“People are most likely to see her flying or resting on a post.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Ade and Pauline on 07940-797750.