FIREFIGHTERS had an extraordinary call-out to Wedmore this morning – to a horse stuck in a swimming pool!

Workers carrying out renovations at a private country estate in Sand, on the outskirts of the village, were stunned when they discovered the horse standing in the water at around 7.20am.

It was one of three horses from a wild herd which had somehow crossed onto the estate.

The other two were nearby but out of the water when firefighters arrived.

The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said the animal was “skittish” but not distressed.

Fire service spokesman Paul Slaven said: “The swimming pool is part of a country estate under renovation and is part of a courtyard area.

“It is nine foot deep at the deep end and two foot deep at the shallow end, so crews used the boom covering the pool to herd the animal to the shallow end.

“They called a vet to sedate the horse and used harnesses to pull it free.

“It was unharmed, which is the main thing, and it has been released back into the wild.

“The owner of the property is looking at reinstating some fencing.

“It was certainly an unusual event. I can’t recall the last time this happened.”