Whether you’ve been driving for years or you’re pretty new to the roads, there’s probably some things about cars that you’re unsure of.

To help you out, ATS Euromaster has tested some of the most common driving myths and revealed if they’re true or not.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should leave your car to warm up for a while before you set off, look no further.

Should you leave your car to warm up before setting off?

Have you ever sat in your car to let it warm up before you’ve gone about your day? Generally, you don’t need to but on colder days, it could be beneficial.

While it’s true that the sooner the engine warms up, the sooner it will run more efficiently for fuel economy and be warmer for you, most modern engines warm up faster when they are moving rather than sitting stationary, according to ATS Euromaster.

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Therefore, your car doesn’t need to warm up before setting off unless it’s a cold day.

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When temperatures are cooler, it’s a good idea to give the engine chance to run for a minute before driving so that the cabin can warm up and the windshield can defog.

However, after this point the car should be moved to avoid draining the car battery unnecessarily.