ALMOST 5,000 children will be starting at the Somerset primary school of their choice at the start of the next academic year in September.

Admission figures for current pre-school children show that 98 per cent of them have been offered a place in the reception class at one of their top three choices.

And of the total number of 5,296 youngsters making the jump to fulltime education, 4,946 - 93.4 per cent - have been accepted by their preferred school.

Somerset County Council's school admission figures just released also show 243 children (4.58 per cent) will be attending their second preferred choice, while 34 applications (0.64 per cent) have been allocated their third preference.

The parents and carers of children who submitted their applications online will have been notified of their outcome today (Tuesday, April 19) via e-mail, with most expected to have arrived by lunchtime.

Anyone else who applied using the local authority's paper forms will receive notification of their results by post in the coming days.

Families are being urged not to contact their allocated school at the moment.

A County Hall spokesperson said: "The admissions team is asking that families do not contact their allocated school at this time.

"Schools will make contact to discuss the admission and transition arrangements and will not be able to discuss admissions before they get in touch with parents and carers."

Last year the county council received a total of 5,365 applications for primary school placements across Somerset.

Of those, 98.5 per cent of applicants received one of their top three preferences, with 94.58 per cent being allocated their first primary school preference.

Of the 5,296 primary school applications received this year:

  • first preference met – 93.4 per cent (4,946 applications);
  • second preference – 4.58 per cent (243 applications);
  • third preference – 0.64 per cent (34 applications).

Disappointed parents and carers of children who have not been offered one of their top three primary school preferences can appeal the decision.

The admissions team will write to them and advise that they make a late application and include their catchment school.

More information about the appeal process can be found at