West Clubs Women's League
Sedgemoor Division 1
Chard 8, Burnham 1

BURNHAM set off confident in the knowledge that their place in Division 1 was safe, but still hoping to finish the season strongly.

However, lady luck was not smiling on them and Burnham were unable to hold the organised Chard team at bay.

Burnham started slowly and the team, though determined, made hard work of the first 20 minutes.

Chard scored from a well struck short corner early on and the Burnham defence missed Tracey Dunn’s commanding presence at the back and seemed unable to organise themselves and slow the Chard onslaught.

Burnham had soon conceded two more goals despite the best efforts of goal keeper Vicki Morley, but the tenacious forward line of Amy Edmundson, Kerry Harvey, Jem Johnson and Ellis Bishop began to put together good moves.

They were rewarded with a goal which was deftly tapped in on the far post by Hattie Lambourne.

Encouraged by the goal Burnham continued to surge forward, with Carly Bush, Lou Peace and Jo White firing balls in to the forward line.

There were several scuffles near the goal line for Burnham, but they were unable to convert these into a goal.

Nicki Glanville, Ali Evely and Caroline Hunt, in defence, started to have more success reading the Chard game, but the speed and organisation of the Chard forwards meant that the half time score was 5-1.

Burnham never lost faith that they could pull back the score and the whole team worked tirelessly to put pressure on the hosts.

Goalkeeper Morley made a great save from the ground to boost the teams confidence and Bush’s tenacious work in defence for the second half stopped Chard from striking from the top of D and muddled the Chard organisation.

A debatable penalty flick for Chard, however, sealed Burnham’s fate and the Blues couldn’t find their form, allowing Chard to score three more goals in the second half.

Ruth Butcher ended the day with a six-goal haul for Chard.

This coming Saturday, Burnham are at home against Winscombe 2nds (ko 10am) for the final league match of the season.