SOMERSET all-rounder Peter Trego has engaged in a Twitter spat with Stan Collymore after the former England striker criticised cricket and the coverage it receives.

A typically forthright Collymore began his venting on Tuesday evening, writing: "When a sport is more interesting in a broad sheet or radio commentary than on the actual playing surface, it's fair to say it's the Emperors new clothes of sport. Whatever anyone tells you."

He went on: "There's a reason the best sporting nations on the planet don't play cricket [...] It's because most of the time it's boring."

The former Aston Villa striker then developed his argument, questioning why primarily former colonies play the game.

He added: "Cricket gets a regular news bulletin and 16 broadsheet pages because of its historical rather than present day significance. If cricket had to earn it's headlines, it would get page 23 of the Yorkshire Post rather than "traditional summer sport" status on national broadcasters."

It wasn't long until Trego took umbrage with Collymore's comments, as seen in the various tweets below.