BREAN’S PGA professional and director of golf Andrew March completed 100 holes of golf over the Brean course last Friday, to raise money for the 2019 captain’s charity, The British Skin Foundation.

He was accompanied every step of the way by club captain Trevor Pitt, who caddied for him.

The duo set off at 5.20am for the first of five complete rounds of golf, followed by a further 10 holes, and surprised themselves that they managed to complete the century of holes before 7pm, even with a couple of breaks for re-fuelling.

The weather was superb and although March’s golf wasn’t the best, that wasn’t the aim of the day.

The idea of a 100-hole challenge came about during a conversation after Pitt had scaled the equivalent of Mount Everest on the stairclimber at Brean Splash Gym back in April, also raising money for the same cause.

March walked the whole way and by the conclusion of the day had covered something like 20 miles over the Brean turf.

He was joined by his two children, Ebony and Logan, for the final two holes and was cheered home on the final hole by a vociferous crowd of members gathered on the terrace and balcony of the Country Club building.

The sponsorship total raised is already in excess of £1,100 and is still rising as we speak.

March would like to thank Pitt and all the Brean members and staff, and friends and family, who joined him for various parts of the journey to lend their support and also their generosity in sponsoring him.