SOMERSET-BASED golf professional Katie Rule has devised a series of simple drills golfers can practise at home to hone their games while courses are closed during the coronavirus lockdown.

Entitled 'Lock Down Lessons', Rule - who plays from Mendip Spring Golf Club, Congresbury - videos the drills at her home and uploads them to YouTube.

Rule, a 27-year-old PGA professional, plans to produce the daily drills for the duration of the lockdown and has come up with 15 so far.

“I’ll be uploading one every weekday, so that will cover three weeks,” she said.

“Not all of them require golf equipment - swinging a club in the house can endanger furniture and lampshades if you’re not careful!

“The first, for example, utilised a table tennis bat to demonstrate club face control.

“The feedback has been really good and there has been a lot of friendly banter.

“As well as offering some helpful tips golf-wise, the drills encourage people to keep in touch when they’re self-isolating.”

The videos can be accessed here.