BREAN Golf Club’s club captain Dave Morgan, ladies captain Linda Edmondson and seniors captain Mike Short have endured a tough start to their year in office, since taking over in February.

First of all, wet weather limited their opportunities to play and then the coronavirus lockdown put a halt on all activity for over seven weeks.

Despite the course now being reopen and golf being played once again, the requirement of social distancing and the continued restrictions for the off-course facilities have led to a significant drop in the opportunity to raise funds for the captains' chosen charities for the year.

By now at Brean the members would have been involved in various activities, and this year they are due to be raising funds for two charities - St Margaret’s Hospice and PETAL, the Christine Woodberry Memorial Fund.

The show must go on, as Morgan explained: “It certainly hasn’t been the start I had imagined to the year but the most important fact is that we all work together to beat this horrible virus.”

“Here at Brean we have had to find other ways to raise some funds, as all charities have been hit by the lockdown; we are still determined to do our bit as best we can.”

During the lockdown period a sweepstake was organised for the virtual Grand National race, and the captains are now running a charity prize draw for the members.

Another ingenious way of adding some funds to the pot came from Edmondson’s husband Ron.

The former club champion used his expert skills to construct bird boxes and sold them via social media and through word of mouth.

Demand soared and more than 20 have now been made and sold, with all the proceeds going to the charities.

All three Brean captains are hoping things continue to improve, which will allow them to host their annual Charity Day in September.

The date is set for Saturday, September 19, and fingers crossed by then an event can be organised and run safely to boost the coffers further.

If this isn’t the case, you can be sure the kind-hearted members of Brean - who raised more than £10,000 for the British Skin Foundation in 2019 - will find some way to help support the chosen charities.