A SUMMER season of outdoor walking cricket is coming to Huntspill & District Cricket Club.

The club will team up with the Somerset Cricket Foundation to put on the event.

It comes off the back of the successful indoor Highbridge Walking Cricket a year ago.

The village cricket club was established in 1866 and is revered as a crucible of cricket development, particularly for young talents.

With a commitment to developing and delivering high-quality community cricket in a safe, effective and child-friendly manner, Huntspill & District Cricket Club stands as Somerset's first recipient of the Clubmark Accreditation.

It has two senior teams that participate in the Somerset Cricket League every Saturday and foster an all-inclusive culture with a Women’s Cricket Team and Under 11s, Under 13s and Under 15s Youth Cricket.

The addition of the Walking Cricket Hub is an appropriate expansion for older cricketers aiming to continue their sporting journey without the demands of league cricket.

Walking cricket is essentially the game of cricket, albeit executed at a less intense pace.

It acts as an ideal choice for those who are either elderly or less physically able, granting them the privilege to savour the wonderful sport.

Walking cricket serves as a comprehensive form of cardio exercise, augmenting agility and hand-eye coordination in the process.

As such, it is an open invitation to all, regardless of prior experience with the game or ability level.

It eliminates gender barriers and provides all the necessary equipment for participants.

The outdoor walking cricket initiative will commence from June 11 at 10am at the Huntspill & District Cricket Ground New Road West Huntspill and will run until July 30.

For more information or to express your interest, please reach out to Mark Berry at huntspillwalkingcricket@gmail.com.