A DOG owner who has been reunited with her pooch ten days after she went missing during last week’s heavy downpours has described finding her as a ‘miracle’.

Nadia Bounden, from West Huntspill, was contacted by a reader after appealing through the Weekly News last week to find 15-year-old Millie, a Yorkshire/Scottish terrier cross.

She said: “Someone who had read the article called me and said they’d spotted her in a field. After a few attempts searching in the rain, I finally found her on Sunday in a water-logged field.

“She was very disorientated and has received antibiotics from the vets, just in case she had pneumonia. She’s lost around 2kg of weight.

“Given all the horrendous weather with the rain, flooding and high winds, I had almost given up hope she would have survived - It’s a miracle.”

Millie went missing after she was scared by a close-passing car during a walk in the village on November 15.